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Email: architecture@traviscountry.com
Meetings: The committee does not meet regularly.  If you have a need to meet with the committee, you can schedule one with them  via email. Please allow 30 days to schedule a meeting with the entirety of the Architecture committee. 
Members: You may contact the TC Office at tcoffice@traviscountry.com for a current roster of volunteer committee members.
The Architectural Committee was created by the original Declaration for Travis Country when the neighborhood association was formed. Responsibilities include:
Reviewing permit applications, including plans, drawings, and specifications submitted for construction, improvement and/or remodeling on any lot within the TCCSA boundaries; 
Ensuring that the design and placement of buildings and playscapes, landscaping, exterior paint colors/finishes, solar power features, and building materials are consistent with TCCSA architectural guidelines; that they conform to the established pattern and character of the neighborhood; and that they are aesthetically pleasing. This is an important part of the HOA’s mission to protect and/or increases property values in Travis Country. 
Recommend adoption, amendment, or repeal of architectural rules and/or regulations. 
Residents may find the protective covenants and restrictions here. These covenants were created to protect property values and the established pattern and character of the Travis Country neighborhood. 
An approved permit is required before an exterior project is started. Permits are not required for interior remodeling, though a permit is required for a dumpster, portable toilet, or storage pod associated with an interior remodel. A permit is obtained by completing a Travis Country Architectural Committee Permit Application and submitting it to the TC Office in person or emailing it to tcoffice@traviscountry.com. A hard copy of the Architectural Committee Permit Application can also be obtained from the TC office. 
New Travis Country homeowners are encouraged to check their closing documents to be sure they contain a complete set of TCCSA’s covenants which are to be provided at the time of closing. 
Frequently Asked Questions
Why does TCCSA have an ACC permit process? 
The permit process ensures that exterior changes to Travis Country homes comply with the TCCSA Covenants and TC homes continue to have curb appeal. Participating in the permit process helps homeowners remain in compliance with HOA covenants and prevents unexpected issues from arising at closing after a home is sold. 
How are the Architectural Rules created, amended, etc.? 
The basic guidelines are in the Covenants; however, new state laws, City ordinances, construction methods, and building materials may require and/or influence periodic updates to the Architectural Committee Rules. 
What is the consequence of not seeking a permit before starting a project? 
The consequences could be costly if an unapproved project is not in compliance with or permitted by the Neighborhood Association. In such cases, a homeowner could be required to remove or redo the project. 
How does a TC homeowner apply for a permit? 
The Architectural Committee Permit Application can be downloaded at the TCCSA website, www.traviscountry.com, or it can also be obtained from the TCCSA Management Office. The form should be completed and filed with the TC Management Office. 
What helps most in getting my permit request approved? 
Follow the permit instructions and include a copy of your survey with the proposed improvements clearly indicated. Including pictures, drawings, blueprints, and good descriptions is helpful. 
What is the process for reviewing and approving/rejecting a permit?
Each project is reviewed to guarantee that it complies with the Architectural Committee Rules and the Declaration and Sub-Declaration for the section of Travis Country in which the lot is located. If a project is disapproved, the reason for disapproval is recorded and emailed or mailed to the applicant by the TCCSA Management office, normally within five business days of the decision. After that, the applicant may submit a new permit application with changes or corrections. 
Is there an appeal process for permits that are not approved? 
If a project is denied by the Architectural Committee, a homeowner may bring a written appeal to the TCCSA Board of Directors for review. 
How long does it take to get a response to my permit application? 
Notification of the Architectural Committee’s decision is sent by email or mail, normally within five business days of the decision.
I have a project that needs to be done right away. How can I have my permit expedited? 
If/when an emergency situation occurs, the permit application can be emailed to tcoffice@traviscountry.com with a request to expedite the review. Depending on the availability of Architectural Committee members, it will be reviewed and residents will be notified as quickly as possible. 
My permit is marked pending. What is the procedure when this occurs? 
Typically, permits are marked pending when the permit application is incomplete. Residents have 30 days to provide the missing information. 
How does an individual become a member of the ACC? 
The Architectural Committee is a Board-appointed volunteer position. The TC Notes and the TCCSA website notify the community when a vacancy occurs. Travis Country homeowners interested in serving on the Architectural Committee need to complete and submit an application form to the Board of Directors. 
Please send your questions and concerns to architecture@traviscountry.com. Thank you!

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